Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Little Update #1

How did everyone's four day weeks go?

 I had a nice beauty based post for today, however I got stuck in a massive thunderstorm yesterday whilst on a dog walk and we were stood under a bridge for a good 30-40 minutes so instead I'm going to write a little update post instead.

So this week started with our trip to the Long Mynd, which I blogged about on Wednesday and it was a lovely start to the week. 
After that it was back to work for four days. Nothing really to report with me at work this week but one thing I did realise this week stressed me out....and what I hear you as is that?

WELL... in October, I shall be off to New Zealand on a nearly month long holiday, which is so incredibly excited about however it suddenly dawned on me that whilst I'm away there will be sixteen videos go live on my main channel. That means between now and then I will need to do a whole lot of prefilming, planning and a little stressing too. I might have had a little mini freak out this week about it.

Apart from that though, all is good in the hood. The picture above comes from the walk yesterday. If you don't know it's of the iron bridge in Ironbridge. It's a well known sight if you are from the midlands and it is so iconic. We had just bought ice creams from one of the best ice cream shops in the place and we were starting our walk when I took this picture...little did we know we would get absolutely drenched just an hour or so later.

In case you are wondering I've named this a little update number one is that I would like to keep you in the know every so often. As this blog is part life, part beauty and part everything else under the sun, I am using this as a little diary entry.

Anyway, I'm rambling now and I do enough of that on my vlog channel so I shall be off for now. Hope you have a lovely Sunday and I'll see you Wednesday.


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