Sunday, 17 April 2016

New Name, New Design, Still Me

Hello there,

Well this seems strange. I'm actually sat at a laptop typing away and it's actually really normal. I started my blog nearly four years ago, it felt just like this. I'm really calling this my blog reincarnation.

So let's talk about the elephant in the room, nope not Dumbo, not even Nellie. I'm talking about the new look and the new name. Well...
Some of you might be aware that the posts were very few and far between since well a long time ago and the reason behind that was two fold. Firstly, I went through a MASSIVE writing block moment. If I wrote something out, I'd hate it and delete it straight away. Then you added in the fact that I stupidly thought I could write during Vlogmas (i.e the most stressful time of year) meant that I just never had a chance in keeping it going.

Top that off with the fact that I had a strong dislike for my blog name. If you have been around since the beginning of this blog, you will know it's had a name change before. When I first began, this blog was called A Bit of This and That and I did enjoy that name for a while but it was a bit of a mouthful. So my next move was to turn into The Love of All Things Beauty and also get my own domain. I loved this name for a good two years (I think) however, it again is a mouthful and it didn't give me a lot of freedom by the end of it's time, it didn't really work. I mean I still love beauty and make up however, it seemed strange to write about day's out or clothing hauls under a name that literally had beauty in it.

This may seem weird to some people reading this however, it all really bugged me so I just stepped away from my laptop keyboard and backed away from blogging for a while. However after getting involved in the odd blogging chat on twitter made me realise my love for writing down thoughts and feeling as well as share pictures of visits out.

So whilst away in Pembrokeshire last month, I started thinking of new names (which is the most difficult thing in the world..well at least in the blogging world) and after a few suggestions and many discussions with one of my closest blogging partners in idea popped in my head. Please welcome "The Clare Necessities".

I'm so happy with the change (so happy that when I first saw the finished design, I had a little cry). This blog will be a place for me to share everything I love with you all, from make up to travel, from life ramblings to clothing wishlists and pondering. Hopefully you'll enjoy the new look and come back again and again. But enough rambling for now...



  1. I love the new name and love that you credited me and others with helping you. The new looks is fab and wishing you all the best with blogging and yt and everything else. I had an awww moment when I saw your tweet and and even bigger one when I read this post xxx

  2. I love the overhaul and look forward to reading more frequent posts from you. Ps what's your Instagram name? It's not in your YouTube description box.

  3. I love your blog name. It would be weird to know you as something else xxx


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