Wednesday, 20 April 2016

My Plans

First of all, thank you for all your support over the name change. It makes me super happy that you have all love the new name as much as I do.
So I'm sure you all know what kind of blog post this is...the name gives it away. Today we're are talking blog post plans.

Right let's get this out off the bat...If I'm not feeling writing, I'm not going to write, end of.
Over the past nearly four years with my various names on this blog, I have always been here with the mentality that if I miss a blog post then it's the end of the world. This takes away the fun from the whole experience of blogging.

This time, I'm going to put a loose schedule in place but like I just said if I miss a post (or five...we know what I'm like), then that is totally fine. So...

My loose schedule is to upload twice a week on a Wednesday and a Sunday. I'm not going to put a time but just keep your eyes out for them on bloglovin or keep a look out on my twitter @tcn90 (cheeky plug alert) and I'll alert you.

But I've nattered enough for a Wednesday. Thanks again for all the support so far.



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