Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Bikinis for the Bigger Lady

I know we are only in April and I'm discussing bikinis but I'm forward planning here. You see in October I'm off on a massive holiday to New Zealand. We have an extention of four days in the Cook Islands and the weather there is warm and the seas are blue.

I've decided to step out of my comfort zone for that holiday and try and find a bikini for the occasion instead (or as well..there's a few excuses for swimming in the clear blue sea) so I have been on the hunt.

Some of you are questioning why I'm looking now if I'm not going until October...well my theory is that when the time gets closer nowhere will be selling them because the shops will be full of jumpers and super thick tights again.

My only thoughts on the bikini front is that I want to go for the high waisted bottoms and a bra style top or a halterneck top but as I've never gone on the hunt for a bikini before in my 25 years on the planet. I wasn't sure where to look.

Here are six examples:

1. ASOS Curve Yellow Floral - (link) the colour and pattern of this suit is so gorgeous. I love the contrast of the black piping against the yellow background. All in all....gorgeous.

2. Simply Be Simply Yours Monochrome Bikini- (link) there is nothing more perfect than monochrome, am I right? Add in there is a hint of yellow in the front of the bottoms makes it just that little bit better.

3.Simply Be Purple Floral Print - (link) purple is one of my favourite colours PLUS I love a good floral print.

4. Joe Brown Bikini - (link) I love the pattern and colour palette of this one, it's so pretty.

5. Forever 21 yellow suit - (link) I love the yellow colour. I love that the bottoms are properly high waisted so there isn't much skin on show between the two pieces. 

6. Forever 21 floral bikini - (link) this one is a little bit different. There are cut outs both front and back of the two pieces which makes it a little different and a little bit out there.

This is my first mooching around the internet for bikinis so if you have any places to look, let me know. I think my next place to hunt is Curvy Kate because I've been stalking their instagram recently whilst they've been out in Portugal with some of my favourite bloggers and their bikinis looked GORGEOUS.

What do you think of my first picks?


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