Sunday, 10 January 2016

Back to Work Make Up

I survived!! I don't know about you all but that first week back after the Christmas break was a long and tiring one. Every year, I get to this point in the week and it feels like Christmas and new year was millions of years away when in fact it's only been ten days. With me not being the greatest morning person, I've gone back to my trusty four step work make up routine. and here it is...

Step one...Foundation. I've recently been using the Maxfactor Miracle Match foundation. For a long time I was using the L'Oreal 24hr Matte but it was starting to look a little icky on my winter drier skin so I've changed it up and started using the Miracle Match which gives the skin a very nice blurred effect..I'm a fan so far.

Next up, concealer and I've been using the Collection Lasting Perfection this week but anything that fights the growing dark circles under the eyes is a blessing. I need to learn to put my phone and iPad away earlier so I'm not awake at stupid times of the evening.

Following the concealer, a nice layer of MAC Studio Fix powder is applied to try and keep the shine away for a few hours. I've been using this powder for a while now and I love it.

Finally, I finish off my morning face with the B.Longer Lengthening and Defining Mascara. This one is starting to dry out and I will have to find a new mascara soon but I'm trying my hardest to use every last bit of this mascara. It does what it says on the tin, it lengthens and defines PLUS it is long lasting and awesome.

The whole process takes me ten minutes top, which is perfect as it means that I'm not late leaving the house even after I press snooze once (or multiple times..cough 4). 
Congratulations to everyone for successfully making it through the first week back.. See you next Sunday.


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