Monday, 9 November 2015

The Blackest of Blacks...MAC Carbon

Recently I've set myself the task of trying to attempt an eyeline more. If you are an old time reader of my blog, you will know I have a slight fear of putting things near my eye especially if they're pointy, which means that eyeliner pencils have always freaked me out... I mean a sharp pencil near my eye... Just no!!

Anyway, I decided last month to go wild and attempt something with a brush and an eyeshadow as in theory, it's easier to erase an eyeshadow mark instead of a pencil or liquid line. After that decision was made I then went on the hunt for a good black eyeshadow and after much hunting, I discovered that my perfect black eyeshadow was right under my nose.

Meet my dark eyeshadow MAC quad. I've had these colours for rather a while and in fact Carbon, which is top left in case you weren't sure, well that was one of my first MAC eyeshadow purchases. 

Unlike other black eyeshadows I have, MAC Carbon is very pigmented and creates a very nice deep black line without having to apply much pressure. If this isn't enough, there isn't any fall out from the eyeshadow either, I've had some that have turned me into a wasn't attractive.

What do you think of MAC Carbon? Do you own it or do you think you know something that can top it?


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  1. Oooooh. I'm not usually one for MAC shadows. I'm usually the person that browses their lipsticks but I like the look of this.


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