Friday, 13 November 2015

Lip liners Galore

When I started blogging three years, I had a very small lipstick collection and I thought that lip liners were a waste of time. How wrong I was, eh?

Zoom forward to now and just look at my collection, yep that's all of them right there. I got introduced to the humble lipliner in January 2014, when I took a trip into a London MAC store to try a foundation out. I came out with a complete face of new make up and most of the products in my hand. 
Since then, I've picked up the odd one until BOOM! the Kylie Jenner phenomenon happened. It drew my attention to lipliners especially MAC ones and some serious damage was done. As you can see most of my collection is MAC with the odd KIKO, Rimmel and Charlotte Tilbury thrown in. I like all these brands for lip liners because they're easy to use, they don't drag on the lips and they are just lovely.

I love that a lipliner has the ability to do it's job and line the lips, making the apllication of the lipstick easier but also that it has the ability to change the colour of lipstick, which means I could have more colour choices than I have ever had before.

Do you like lipliners? What are your favourites?



  1. I love lip liners as I feel that they increase the longevity of my lipstick plus I can wear them on their own or mix it with another and create a different colour xx

  2. wow you have so many, i ought to try some from mac considering i love their lipsticks so much!
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah


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