Monday, 21 September 2015

I went in for one thing...

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You might know that I love a good shop every so often. I recently went into one of my local shopping centres with my mum to pick up a watch I'd bought and we wandered around the shops too. Then all of a sudden...disaster struck, I was left alone in Boots whilst my mum went somewhere else.

Of course, like the good beauty blogger I am, I had a wander round the aisles and I was actually looking for one thing as part of a video collab but of course I couldn't just come out with one thing...oh no, here is my haul.

That's right,I picked up three foundations in one go. I bought the Natural Collection Colour Foundation in Porcelain as that was the thing I went in for. It was for a £20 make up challenge and as the foundation retails at £1.99, it was a good pick I think. 

I also picked up bottles of L'Oreal True Match and Maxfactor Miracle Match foundations. True Match is a repurchase because I used it a while back and liked it. The Maxfactor Miracle Match is a new one out and I have actually filmed a first impressions video, which I'll try to upload as quick as I can so I'm not going to say anything about it.

Finally I picked up two L'Oreal lipsticks.I hadn't gone in with plans to buy any lipsticks but there was a 3 for 2 offer on and I got drawn in. I picked  up Blake's Pure Red and Blake's Rose too because who wouldn't like to look a bit like Blake Lively?

Have you had a boots splurge recently? What did you pick up?


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  1. Some of these products are added to my list, they sound really good!

    Lynda ღ MissyDress


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