Friday, 21 August 2015

25 Before 25....the round up

Hello there,

Once upon a time, way back in February 2014, I started doing a series called 25 before 25. In this series I gave myself a whole lot of goals of things to do before I turned 25. On the 8th August, I reached the grand old age of 25 and I'm SO OLD.

For today's post, I thought it'd run though my goals and what happened with them.

1. Buy a guitar and start to learn how to play it. Let's face it.. I haven't done this,
2.Visit New York. Again it's not happened....A mix of lack of funds and the fear of flying has got the best of me. 
3. Go on holiday with my fellow blogging friends. One more that hasn't happened but I think this is more down to schedule clashes. I do still want a little get away soon though.
4. Be completely happy with my size. Since I wrote this in February 2014, I have attended two plus size events and seeing their confidence has pushed me into playing around with clothes more and I actually really enjoy styling my body and I love my size...#WeAreTheThey
5. Host a full on dinner party. Another that hasn't happened. Anyone want to come and eat my cooking?
6. Have a go at karaoke. Nope still haven't done this... I sing around the house a lot though.
7. Visit all the places in the UK that I want to see.  I've been to Liverpool recently and I'm often going on day trips but there are always other places I want to see.
8. Have a holiday in Ireland.  Nope... I tried to persuade my family to do our summer holiday but I was outvoted. I'm still desperate to go back.
9. Tell my family I blog. Another no. That's right I've been blogging for  three years and my family have no idea that I blog.
10. Visit a spa. Another I haven't done...anyone want to come with me for a day of relaxation?
11. Visit Bex. I still need to do that.
12. Organise/Attend meet ups around the UK.  I organised a London Meet Up last week with my lovely friend Victoria but there's always chances for other meet ups.
13. Reach 750 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. I'm currently around the 680 mark... anyone want to help me reach 750? 
14. Go to a festival. Still haven't done this.
15. Film a collab video with a fellow vlogger.  I have done a few more collabs but I haven't done one together in the same room as someone else..that's still a goal.
16. Do something for charity. I still want to do something for charity sometime soon.
17. Own a Michael Kors Selma Bag. I haven't bought a Selma yet, I did buy a different MK bag recently though.
18. Own a MacBook. I've actually done this! I very recently became the owner of a refurbished MacBook Air....YAY!!!
19. Get on a plane. Ha nope... you'll have to get me drunk first.
20.Go to the Sea Life Centre Birmingham. Still hasn't happened. Someone come and see the fishes with me please.
21. Catch up with my uni group. I should be doing this soon. It's so difficult to organise around each others calendars.
22. Watch all the DVDs in my collection. Still getting through them slowly. I HAVE A LOT OKAY?
23. Have a make up storage sort out.  I've done this one (YAY). I often change it all up and I still need to look through some drawers and sell somethings/chuck things out but progress.
24. Make a decision over my vlogging. I did this one too! I decided to make a vlog channel and I'm doing vlogust.
25. Be completely happy with my room. I'm on the fence here. I'm happier but there are still certain things I want to change. I mean how do you store handbags so they look pretty?

There is the round up. I've done a few and I've missed a few. I'm thinking of doing a 30 before 30 series to give myself a few goals to reach PLUS I'll have 5 years to do them in. Would you like to see them in a blog post? Let me know.

Lots of Love,


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  2. It's really good to set goals for yourself and even if you do not complete them in the time you set it doesn't mean that they will not happen soon! I would love to see a 30 before 30 post as I'm turning 26 next month and would love to see what others peoples aspirations are. Can I also say I am a subscriber to your YouTube channel and have loved your vlogs so far and be proud of your blog! xx

    Rebecca - RebeccaClaire'sBlog

  3. Wow you make me feel very old! Love the mixture of goals. Glad I could be of help with one of them! I'm happy to help you out with the spa one too - I love a good spa day! x

  4. You should definitely tell people about your blog :) If it is something you love, and that makes you happy, they will definitely be proud of you :) x

    Abi | abistreetx


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