Friday, 3 July 2015

Top 5 High End Lipstick Brands

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Today I thought I'd do a post that would normally go on my Lipstick blog (yep I'm one of those people... it's if you're interested) but I thought I'd branch out a bit.

Today I thought I'd talk about the Top 5 High End Lipstick brands that I own.

Before I start my top 5, a clarification. Some of you might be able to spot that in the fourth drawer up there is a little Tom Ford peeking out. I can't say anything about Tom Ford as a brand because I've never used this lipstick. You see I'm scared to remove the imprinted TF from the top of the lipstick so I can't talk about the lipstick in this post... is that lame? I think so.

Anyway onto my list, we shall go left to right just for ease. Starting with Estee Lauder. Before I started blogging, I always thought of EL as a older persons' brand but now it's one of my favourite beauty brands around. The Pure Envy lipsticks from the brand are brilliant. Their pigmentation is perfect, they feel creamy but are long lasting and the variety of colours is great.

MAC was obviously going to be in my top five. I mean I have 52 lipsticks, so I'd hope that they are a favourite brand of mine. What can I say about MAC... They have a great variety of shades in multiple finishes and they're a good brand. The brand were definitely my gateway to the high end world of lipsticks... So thanks MAC for that.

Urban Decay... I only have a few of these Revolution lipstick but the pigmentation packs a serious punch. It is probably one of my favourite ranges because they are creamy but so so SO long lasting. I don't know what I think of the packaging but the product inside is totally worth it all. In fact I need more lipsticks from the brand.

The rose gold retro style packaging of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks is enough to buy them in my eyes. The fact that each lid has CT embossed in it makes me really happy as that is my initials too so it's just like it's proving that they are MY lipsticks. Again, the pigmentation of these lipsticks is excellent and there are two finishes to pick from depending on whether you have the Matte Revolution range or the original range in your collection... Obviously I have both.

Finally, Chanel, a brand that just oozes glamour. I have three lipsticks from Chanel and they are my go to lipstick brand when I really want to cheer myself up. Anyone else have those brands which just brighten your days? Chanel is mine.

What are your favourite lipstick brands?

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  1. These lipsticks all look and sound so dreamy :) I desperately want to get some Mac lipsticks, I can never get over how many shades they have to choose between!
    Love Holly x

  2. MAC is my absolute favourite but I'm annoyed with myself for never trying Urban Decay. I love that brand so need to get my hands on some! Especially if they have amazing pigmentation xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. So envious of all your Charlotte Tilbury lippies! Desperate to try but need to check which ones will suit my complexion first. Going to Selfridges next week though and will definitely pick some up!

    Lyd x electricSUEDE

  4. Ah, Mac is a must. Love CT packaging :)

  5. Great picks. I got my first CT and Tom Ford lippies this week!

    Sarah |

  6. That rose gold packaging is a dream!

  7. I'm buying my first Mac lipstick soon and I'm so excited for it! The problem is deciding on a shade - They ALL look so beautiful ;-)

    Cliona | // Instagram


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