Monday, 6 July 2015

Face Mask Monday: 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Spa Mask

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Last week I did something I haven't done in a very long time... I put a face mask on. They used to be part of my weekly routine but I started slacking.

So I decided that whilst I was watching a whole series of Our Girl in one afternoon, I would go for a rummage through my face mask drawer...yep, that's right I've got enough for a Muji drawful.

The one I chose was the Dead Sea Mud Clay Spa from 7th Heaven, which used to be called Montangne Jeunesse. I chose this mask because it is a fabric mask and I wanted something that wouldn't budge whilst I was doing a few other things on my laptop.

As you can see in the image above, the mask itself is a fabric mask which is infused/covered with the ingredients of the mask so that all you need to do is put it into place and it will not move until you peel it off after it's allotted time. This means you can get on with blog post writing, video editing, snack making or even chocolate hunting and nothing will move.

Once the 10-15 minutes was over, all you needed to do was peel off the cloth, leaving you with a very amusing partly clay covered face. Then after a quick wipe with a damp flannel the residue came off your face very easily leaving the skin feeling smooth and not at all tight.

I have said this before but I'm a fan of the 7th Heaven (Montagne Jeunesse) masks because they are a nice little treat PLUS they cost less than £2, which is great for a little treat every now and again. 

Have you tried this mask? What's your favourite mask to use?

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