Monday, 27 July 2015

Behind the Scenes of a YouTube Video

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As some of you might know I am on YouTube. I've actually have two channels now, which I'm going to now sneakily plug. If you enjoy beauty or plus size fashion videos then my main channel The Love of All Things Beauty and if you are a fan of vlogs then you might enjoy my new channel Square Peg, Round Hole, it's a new channel so be kind to it but it'll be getting a lot of love from me soon because I'm doing Vlogust (aaahhhhh!!!)

Anyway, as I do spend a good percentage of my time in front of a camera, I thought it talk about behind the scenes of a YouTube video today.

So the picture above was taken just after I'd filmed a handful of beauty videos and I took it to share with you the destruction that happens whilst filming a video. If my memory serves me right, I filmed a make up look, a tag video and I think there was another video too. 

The thing to know about filming a YouTube video is to get everything you might need at easy grabbing distance so that means this mess consumes my desk A LOT and as I film in my bedroom, my filming stuff meets up with their friends, my daily make up, and they all have a party so that when I've got time at the weekend everything goes back to its home in my storage.

So behind the scenes is a big mess. I wrote this post because I often watch the "big YouTubers" filming videos and I wonder if their filming area ends up like mine and that I'm not alone with the endless amount of beauty hiding my desk from me. I am thinking of writing a few more of the behind the scenes of a YouTube video posts, talking about a few other YouTube topics. Would you be interested in this?

ALSO whilst we are on the topic of YouTube, I would like to take this moment to mention a twitter chat you might be interested in if you are a fellow video maker or if you are debating dropping your toe into the massive sea of YouTube then you might be interested to know there is a twitter chat every Thursday between 8pm and 9pm GMT using the hashtag #vloggerschat. Come and check it out.

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  1. This is nothing compared to the mess I make when taking blog photos!! I have bluetac, glue and god knows what absolutely everywhere!!
    Jennie Emma

  2. This looks like my house on a daily basis! God help if I ever did Youtube.

    I'd love to read a mini youtube blogpost series, behind the scenes always make me curious. x


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