Friday, 10 July 2015

25 before 25 21-25

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A long long time ago, I started a series called 25 before 25, which was a list of 25 things I wanted to do before I reached 25.  I started my list way back in February 2014 and I thought that as there is only a month to go before I reach 25, I better finish of the series.

If you aren't up to date, the first post (1-5) is here , post number two (6-10) is here , number three (11-15) is here and the penultimate post (16-20) can be found here.

21. Catch up with my uni group... I finished university way back in 2011 and since then I've tried to keep in contact with the group of friends I had at university. I haven't actually seen some of the group since our graduation so a catch up is definitely a must. 

22. Watch all the DVDs in my collection... I have quite a large personal DVD collection thanks to the amount of films I bought when I was in university PLUS the extras I've bought since. There are some DVDs in the collection that have never seen the light of day so I'm going to make it my mission to make sure I've seen every DVD in there at least once.

23. Have a make up storage sort out.... It's no secret that I have A LOT of make up that I've hoarded together over my three years blogging. There are some bits in there that I really don't like and could sell to someone who will appreciate it more than I do. PLUS there's a lot of mascaras I need to throw out because they're all dried out.

24. Make a decision over my vlogging. This is only a small goal however, I've recently started questioning whether my vlogs (i.e my follow me around videos) would be more suited to their own "vlogging"channel.  

25. Be completely happy with my room. If you follow my weekend vlogs on my YouTube Channel, you might know that I've done a lot of moving around of things in my bedroom. It is the only place that I can let my inner interior designer out and make it a place I really feel happy in, so it would be good to finally get it all looking the way I want it to before my birthday.

Twenty five goals all set. Let's see if I can get any of them hit before my birthday next month.

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  1. I'm doing a 20 before 20 post soon, was nice to stumble across this :)

    Kate xo //


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