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Make Up Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette

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My name is Clare and I'm a palette addict. In my make up collection, I have quite a few eyeshadow palettes in my Muji drawers BUT I've also got a whole drawer in my desk that is eyeshadow palettes galore. 

As I have so many I have to work on a rotation system so that none of them get hurt feelings. On a recent change around I found a hidden gem in the eyeshadow world and it's name is the Make Up Revolution I Heart Make Up I Heart Chocolate Palette.

Make Up Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette

Make Up Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette

Make Up Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette

I ordered this palette along with a few more Make Up Revolution products a few months back and I picked this up especially because 1) it looks like a chocolate bar...what chubby girl does not like chocolate? and 2) the word DUPE had been batted around and I always pick up a product that is a "dupe" to something a lot more expensive.

First thing I thought when I opened the lid was " YES!! The shades have names". For a YouTuber like myself, when you are recording a GRWM or tutorial and you have to say now I'm using the third one from the left, it gets confusing both to yourself but also the people watching. So thank you for that Make Up Revolution.

Shadewise, I'd consider this as a neutral palette with a certain edge, it's not just a mixture of browns. There are a couple of reddy tones and an olive shade too. It's just beautiful to look at and play with. The shade What A Way to Go is one of my current favourites. I just love the mix of mattes and shimmers.

The thing you are all interested in... Pigmentation. It has buckets of it. So far I haven't found a dud out of them all. 

And the price of this palette you ask.. well it is currently retailing on the website for the low low price of £7.99. I'm so happy I dug this little beauty out of my storage. I recently wore the palette in a weekend vlog and I have had some incredible comments about my eye make up in the video so thanks Make Up Revolution for that.

Have you tried this palette out? 

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  1. Wow, this is such a dupe for Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes, which I adore!

    Sarah x |

  2. ooh the shades look so pretty, and that packaging is adorable! love it x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.


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