Monday, 1 June 2015

I only needed one thing...


Has there ever been a time when you have wandered into a store only really planning to get one thing and you end up with a big bag of goodies?

Well that recently happened to me in Boots. As I have been working recently nowhere near a shopping centre, there hasn't been a chance for me to pop in and spend lots of money which is good for my bank balance but it does mean I'm behind on the new releases. So...last week, when I was out with my parents and we were near a Boots, I had to pop in and I was alone...this always means trouble.

It could have been worse but like the title suggests, I went in for one thing....I ended up spending £35. The thing I actually went in for was the L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte foundation. I have been hunting it down since it was released but I could never find the lightest shade, Porcelain. I finally hunted it down so of course it went into my basket.

Then, I went to the Revlon stand. I'm a big fan of Revlon as a brand and I was suddenly aware that they had a new range of lipsticks out. If you have followed me for a while, you might know that I am obsessed with the Revlon Lip Butters and these new Ultra HD Lipsticks are like their more pigmented bolder cousins. I got the colours Poinsettia, Peony and Petunia and I can definitely see myself getting a lot more of the collection at a later date.

The final two things I got were two mascaras. The Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara was a link save, which means it was a freebie because I bought the Revlon Lipstick, I haven't heard much about this mascara so I'll be interested to see what it's like. 
I also picked up the Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara because I'm nearly out of my Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara and I wanted to see how it compared. 

What have you bought recently from Boots? Tell me in the comments.

Lots of Love,



  1. Love the lipstick shades! Great Summery picks! :)
    Jennie Emma

  2. I got that mascara a few months ago and I really like it, it adds a lot of volume, I hope you enjoy. The lippies look lovely, might have to go and pick some up!

    Sarah x

  3. Do let us know what the foundation is like - I'm always on the look out for something pale enough!
    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

  4. I got the Petunia as well! I just couldn't resist, they all look fabulous, don't they? I ended up with purchasing four different lip products but it turned out they were all almost the same shade! xx


  5. I never come out of shops with just one thing haha! Aww but I love the lipsticks! Especially the middle one <3 I love pink lips xox


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