Monday, 22 June 2015

A Week of Birthdays

Hello there,

This week is a special week for me. This is because there are two VERY special birthdays to celebrate.
For 3- and 33-year-olds only: Put two Bundt cakes together for a perfect 3 shape. | 35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

This week, tomorrow (23rd) to be exact, will symbolise 3 years of me blogging on The Love of All Things Beauty. The past year has been a little bit hit and miss when it comes to being consistent but I have a post all about this going up later this week for you all to read.

I just wanted to thank anyone reading this for popping by. I have had a ball writing this blog for the past three years.  I have gained confidence, new close friends and I've been able to share my love for all things beauty and make up with a group of people all over the UK and further afield that I could even imagine being without now.

This one, I could do! 2nd birthday cake
Talking of confidence, onto the second birthday to celebrate. My YouTube Channel has just turned 2 years old. If you'd told my younger self that I would record myself talking about make up then upload it to be scrutinised by the world then I would have straight up laughed at you. BUT I have to say in all honesty, starting YouTube is one of the BEST things I ever chose to do. I love everything about YouTube and it's great to look back over my older videos and see just how I've changed as a person.

If you have never checked out my channel, why not pop over now.. you might be surprised.

I have two giveaways planned to celebrate both birthdays so look out for those but for now, all that's left to say is thank you for the continued support. BIG KISSES.

Lots of Love,

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