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My MAC Eyeshadow Palettes

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Last weekend I posted a picture on my instagram (@tloatb90) of my most recent MAC eyeshadow palette after I put my two newest in it. I received a comment on that picture from Kayleigh from Blog of Shadows (her twitter and intagram are both @kayleighkmua...seriously check her out, I want her skills) which in turn made me let out a little "secret" I have five 15 pan MAC palettes. This in turn made me post this picture.

I then was inundated with comments and tweets about what shades I had in each palette so I thought I would write them all in a post for you all to peruse through at your leisure. I won't put any swatches in this post because it is a going to be a long post as it is but if you want individual posts on each palette, let me know in the comments and I shall write them. So without further a do let's look at my palettes.

Up first, I have both the Warm Neutral (left) and Cool Neutral (right) palettes. If you don't know about these palettes, they are pre-made 15 pan palettes that are perfect collections of tones. I love using the warm neutrals in the Spring/Summer and then the cool neutral shades in the Autumn/Winter.

If you want to get into MAC eyeshadows but don't know what to go for, I'd suggest one of these palettes. They are £65 each which is a bargain for what it is.

Left to Right
Top Row-Naked Lunch, Vex, Amber Lights, Mulch, Wedge
Middle Row- All That Glitters, Quarry, Tempting, Sable, Satin Taupe
Bottom Row- Gleam, Shale, Woodwinked, Antiqued, Club

This was my first MAC palette and as you can see some shades have had a lot of love such as Naked Lunch. The one dummy in this palette is Wedge. I can't get any colour payoff from it, I don't know if mine is a dud or if wedge is a bad shade for everyone.

Top Row- Orange, Nocturnelle, Trax, Freshwater, Green Smoke
Middle Row - Expensive Pink, Sketch, Swish, Steamy, Humid
Bottom Row -Coppering, Cranberry, Stars N Rockets, Plum Dressing, Sumptuous Olive

This is what I call my colours palette. These are the colours I can play around with if I want a colourful smokey eye or if I want to mix a neutral shade like Naked Lunch with a bit of colour. I am yet to use Steamy and Freshwater but I had to buy it due to the colour that was in the pan... so beautiful.

Top-  Brule, Beautiful Iris, Lucky Green, Chrome Yellow
Middle -Patina, Fig 1, Rule, Gold Mine
Bottom - Handwritten, Star Violet, Mythology

Here is my newest palette and it's still in the making. This one makes me happy because it's such a mismatch of everything, from the neutral browns, to the purples and then the crazy bright Chrome Yellow, which I purchased thanks to pressure from Sarah. I honestly don't know what I want to put in those last four spaces.

Lastly in my collection we have my dark quad. This is my least used palette but it is is one that I find essential for those days when you want to darken a crease or give a proper smokey eye a punch then one of these shades come into their own. From Top left clockwise we have Carbon, Smut, Beauty Marked and Contrast.

And there are all my MAC eyeshadows. I'm quite proud of my collection and I'm so glad I get to share it with you all. Thank you Kayleigh for requesting this post, if anyone else has a request for a post you want to read, leave them in the comments down below along with your eyeshadow recommendations for those last 4 spaces.

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  1. You have so many lovely shades! I have my eye on Woodwinked, Embark and Gleam at the moment xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

    1. Gleam is a lovely shade, so simple &very shimmery x

  2. Ahh great post! I wish I had as many as you! Thanks for sharing :)
    Jennie Emma


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