Wednesday, 22 April 2015

#LushSkincare Solihull Bloggers Event 15.4.15

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Last Wednesday, I made the trip to Solihull after work for a Lush bloggers event. I love a Lush event because I always come away feeling like I have learnt something new. The theme behind the evening was skincare.

The idea behind the evening was to work with the lovely lush peeps to create some amazing Lush skincare products. Starting with one of Lush's most well known cleansers, Angels on Bare Skin. After Kyle, one of the lovely Solihull Lushies, put all the ingredients in a bowl, we all had a go at mixing the cleanser together.

The gorgeous Vanessa here posing whilst mixing. Such a Beauty.
The other thing we had  a go at making was a face mask. There was a chance of making two of Lush's famous face masks but the one I helped creating was the Cupcake mask, which has a wonderfully tasty chocolate mint scent to it. Here's Aimee giving everything a mix.

As you can see Sam couldn't wait to put the face mask on. I have used the Cupcake face mask once since I got it and it smells good enough to eat.

The final thing we did was learn about facials with the lovely Yasmin. She shared her knowledge and gave us tips on how to perform great face massages before letting us have a go on are unsuspecting victims.. I mean fellow bloggers.

I paired up with the lovely Paige and we took it in turns to sit in the chair. She was a great facialist and it was very relaxing to sit there and be pampered especially after spending the past 6 hours that day working with 4 and 5 year olds.

I filmed a little vlog of the event which I have embeded below for your viewing pleasure.


Sadly after a great few hours, it was time to leave and we were given a few goodies to try out, which included the products which we had helped to create. I also received the 9 to 5 cleanser and Tea Tree Toner Water, which are two of my favourite lush products, and also the Full of Grace Serum bar, a Dream Steam Toner Tab and a sample of the Skin's Shangri La Moistuirser to try out. As a big fan of Lush skincare I'm so excited to try out my goodies.

Thank you to Lush Solihull for inviting me and giving me such a great evening out.

Lots of Love,

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