Monday, 20 April 2015

How to create a Smoky Eye Look with Yves Rocher*

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There are some things that I wouldn't have even dared to attempt before I began to blog and one of those things was a smoky eye. Dark shades often scared me and to put it simply I didn't feel lie I had the skills. After three years blogging and much video watching on YouTube a smoky eye look is something that I actually love doing if I want to give my eyes a bit of drama.

I was recently kindly sent a little eye make up package of Yves Rocher goodies, which had all the elements of a smoky eye and today I thought I'd share them with you.

Up first, when it comes to a big look like a smoky eye there is the need for a eye primer. There is nothing worse working hard on a great eye look just for it to get swept away leaving you with the dreaded creased mess left behind. Yves Rocher Fixing Eye Primer* is one of the best I've encounted. There is not greasy or sticky feeling to it and it is really easy to work with.

Next up, the eyeshadow quad. This palette reminds me of my Charlotte Tilbury Quads in the way that they both have four shades which perfectly work together to give you a well put together eye look. I have the 01 Gris Profond Eyeshadow Quad* here which is a perfect dark smoky eye palette, with its mix of grey, silver and black shades. The eyeshadows themselves have lovely pigmentation and just look of the packaging, a total winner right here.

If you are a watcher of my YouTube channel, you will know that me and eyeliners are normally not the best of friends. I hardly wear eyeliner unless it is a special occasion or I'm feeling really brave but when I saw this Yves Rocher Kohl Liner* in my package I was interested on how it differed to all the pencil and liquid liners I've attempted to use before. I was surprised how easy to work with and I have to say it blends well too, which is what I tend to do when applying eyeliner to cover up my poor attempt at a line.

Finally in a smoky eye look,the final element is a mascara, The Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara* has a flexible head wand, which helps to make sure that all lashes, even the hard to reach ones, are all covered.

Yves Rocher is a brand that I didn't know much of before I began to blog but it is slowly becoming one of my most liked brands because I have yet to find a product I didn't like from them. If you want to discover them for yourselve I shall leave a link to their products HERE.

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*some of the products in this post were kindly gifted for me to review. All opinions are unbiased and totally my own.



  1. Ahh I love flexible wands! They are far better!
    Jennie Emma

  2. lovely post :)


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