Friday, 27 March 2015

No Spend April

Hello there,

I've decided that next month I am going to put myself on a No Spend. March has been a spendy month. With Mothers Day, my brother's Birthday and just a lot of spendy feelings means that I've had a lot of new things arrive in casa de Love of All Things Beauty. 

I've tried to put myself on spending bans before and nine times out of ten, I've failed because it's been too long or I was working near a shopping centre but this time I'm determined and I've decided to really go for it.

My plan is to not buy anything beauty bits or clothing for the whole of April. I have just sorted out my skincare so I shouldn't need to buy anything else this month, Same with make up, I've just bought two new foundations and lots of other things so I really don't need anything else. 

When I start thinking about making a purchase, I'm going to remind myself that every penny saved can go towards a Michael Kors Selma Handbag. I've been lusting after them for so long that I have decided when I go to London in August (hopefully with Zoe from Zoe Lianne) I can go into the Michael Kors Store and buy my dream bag.

Anyone want to join my no spend? Or give me tips to not spend? They'd be appriciated greatly.

Lots of Love,



  1. I really should be doing a No Spend April! xx

  2. I did a 12 wk spending ban a few yrs ago, its definitely difficult to do but encourages you to use things you already have and also its great to think of different ways to you products you already have! xx
    And yes London in August is happening :)


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