Monday, 30 March 2015

Beauty Tips For Sicky Days

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If you follow me on twitter (@tloatb90..wink wink), you will probably know that I am currently suffering with a monster cold. It's one of the downsides of working with children, they get coughs and colds and they will gladly share them with you.

Today I thought that whilst I'm coughing, spluttering and shivering on the sofa under a blanket, I would share my beauty tips for when you a feeling sicky.

Firstly and most importantly,remain hydrated. Even if you don't exactly fancy drinking anything, water will help wash out germs etc but it also has skin benefits too. Don't forget the skin benefits.

Secondly, keep up with your normal skincare routine. Even if you feel pants because if you leave you skin to it's own devices things can go really meh... as I found out this last week. I didn't do a full routine, I merely removed make up then crawled into bed. My skin didn't like me and I've been paying for it since.

Thirdly, treat yourself. You are feeling like pants and it's time like that which is when it is perfect to look after yourself. Give yourself a face mask or a manicure or just paint your nails, you'll feel a bit better in no time.

Finally, this one isn't as important but pop on a your favourite/crazy lip colour. I definitely feel better when I've played around with one of my many lipsticks, for example I'm currently rocking MAC Heroine whilst wearing my PJs because well I can.

I'm now off to curl back into bed with my tissues and some ice cream for medicinal sore throat purposes of course.

Lots of Love,

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