Monday, 12 January 2015

Wishlist #1

Hey there,

I love a good splurge from time to time, but I have made the decision this year to save a little more instead of splurging all the time. If you didn't know I have recently been without a laptop and I was really trying to hold on and buy the computer of my dreams...however it was killing me not owning my laptop that I bought a new laptop last weekend. 

I've come up with a plan, I am going to try not to spend on anything that isn't important or necessary and hopefully I can gather together enough money together by my birthday (which is in August) I will treat myself to something really exciting. So instead of splurging, every so often I will drop in a  little wishlist like this one.
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Only a few to start with two brushes from a range that has gained a lot of hype recently and that is the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection. I have got my eye on the Tapered Blush and the Flat Contour brushes out of all of them because I have enough base and eye brushes.

There are two products from Space NK on my wishlist. Up first, an hourglass blush. I can't seem to find the palette anymore on the website but maybe I just looked in the wrong place, however these blushes are still interesting me. I have no idea what shade I would like as I'm not the biggest blush wearer... I think it's the packaging that's calling me in.
The other thing is the REN ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream. I am running out of the my REN ClearCalm 3 Night Serum, which I can't find anywhere but I believe that this has replaced it so I think I might have to invest.

The next thing on my list is a lipstick ( I know no surprises there) and it is one that I think everyone and their dog wants at the moment. The one I want is MAC Faux (which isn't the one in the picture). Faux is a nudey brown-pink-purple Kylie Jenner shade, which I decided I didn't need UNTIL Khila from Miss Budget Beauty had it on her lips in a few videos and now of course I want it and it needs to be mine. Sadly it hasn't been online for ages and I haven't got any spare time recently to hunt down any stores so MAC Faux Lipstick and it's friend Soar Lipliner have not become mine (sad face).

The final thing on my wishlist is a MacBook Pro. This is the dream computer I was talking about. I wanted to hold out and buy one outright after Christmas but the cost is a lot and I was desperate for a laptop so I've bought a windows laptop for the time being. I'd love to get to my birthday in August and be able to buy a MacBook to edit videos on. I want to film my videos on my DSLR camera and be able to edit them on iMovie on a MacBook Pro....that's what dreams are made of.

So there is my wishlist. What's on yours right now?

Lots of Love,


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  1. Mac book pro is definitely a dream! I know you probably want to buy it outright but currys do a really great finance option I don't know how much it would cost monthly but I got a new TV from them and after paying over two years it's going to cost an extra £30. I would rather not have things on finance but it's not a bad option


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