Friday, 30 January 2015

The January Round Up

Hey there,

I thought I'd write a little updatey post as I haven't written one for a while. It's going to be a whole bunch of rambleyness (not a real word but who cares) but I hope you don't mind. My plan is to write a little post every month as a little round up of what's gone on in the month. Mostly as a reminder to myself when I look back over things but also for you all to catch up on things.

So January has been a bit of a hard month for me. It started badly with the passing of my nan. She was a key part of my life, all 24 years of it and it has been hard to realise that she is no longer here. I am currently writing this with tears in my eyes and down my face but as this week saw the funeral take place I thought it was time that I said something as it has been hard to not say why at times I have been quiet on twitter or kept myself away from people, I have just been trying to deal everything in my own way.

I found that blogging/YouTube and work has helped me get through this month a bit easier because it keeps my mind busy. Without things to think about my brain can send me to crappy places which can make me alienate everyone and bring me further down into a cycle which results in me just living under a duvet.

When it comes to blogging, you might be aware that I write for four blogs. We have this one The Love of All Things Beauty. This is where all things beauty live, from reviews to what's on my face posts. I will aim to post here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am.
Next blog I have to talk about it my collab blog with two other bloggers (sadly the third has had to give up blogging for the blog). It was set up as a place to share tips and ideas for people that might be just beginning to get into make up/beauty or that just need a few pointers along the way. The plan is to fill it with tips, tricks, tutorials and more. 

Unlike a lot of bloggers, my skill level when I started blogging was very limited and it was thanks to YouTube videos and blog posts that I have learnt everything that I know now and I have decided that it would be good to give something help people who like me about 3/4 years ago have no knowledge of certain things or who are just to scared to try something. We post every Monday, Friday and Sunday at the moment.

If you want to check out this blog the link is

The third blog is one of my favourites to write for and that is my lipstick blog. Every saturday I put up a post on one lipstick. For example the last week's lipstick was MAC Twig. 

As you might be aware, I have rather a lot of lipsticks (47 of which are MAC) so I love having a place to chat all things lipstick. The link for this blog is

Square Peg, Round Hole.
Finally meet my new baby, Square Peg Round Hole. I only started up this blog in January so it's still finding it's feet. This blog is where I post fashion posts and any lifestyle things too. I used to post them on this blog but I found it weird having them together so I made it its own little place. The link is

On top of all this I am also still uploading twice a week on my Youtube Channel (I'm sneaking towards 500 Subscribers.. so excited to hit that milestone), so I am definitely kept busy.

Apart from all this blogging and YouTube video making, I really haven't had chance to do anything else apart from work,which has been crazy too. 

What do you think of the idea of a Monthly Round Up post? Would you like them to happen every month?

How's your January been?
Lots Of Love,


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