Friday, 23 January 2015

My Royston Blythe Experience*

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Just before Christmas, I made a trip to the  Royston Blythe Salon in Compton near Wolverhampon. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen the final look.

 This was my first time in a "proper salon" as I have only ever experienced trips to my village hairdresser before, where the most I have had done is a dry trim and it's not something I do very time due to laziness. So obviously I was excited to make a trip to the Royston Blythe Salon.

When I arrived at the Salon on a cold, damp and dark  December day at around 4pm and I was greeted by the lovely reception staff, where I was offered a drink and asked to wait for a chair to become available.

I was then greeted by Nick, one of the owners of the salon, who introduced himself and then had a look at my hair's condition and asked what I was thinking. I explained that my hair needed a good trim as it hadn't been cut for a while. I was then taken to have my hair washed ready to be cut.

Whilst my hair was being washed, the lovely lady (sorry I can't remember your name) was explaining what products she was using and why she was using them. She used a lot of Kerestase products and she explained the shampoo and conditioner she used was good for frizzy hair.

Once my hair was washed, I was ready for Nick to do his magic. He trimmed about 2 inches off the length of my hair and he also cut a few shorter lengths in the front of the hair because I had mentioned about possibly getting a fringe in the future.

My hair was then blow dried slightly curly, leaving me with the most glamorous hair on my head that I've ever seen. Here is the final results...

I love the final look and I know from the response I got from instagram at the time that you all loved it too. I love the effect of a blow dry too.. it's definitely something I'd go and get if I'm feeling down. 

Royston Blythe have two Salons, the Compton salon I visited and one in Shrewsbury and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone searching for a professional salon with friendly staff and a very welcoming atmosphere.

I filmed a video about my Royston Blythe experience too, so if you want to check this out I'll leave it below.


I'm getting the bug to dye my hair again so any ideas for shades I could rock (they can't be wild because work wouldn't like it) give me suggestions.

Lots of Love,

*I was kindly invited to visit the salon but all opinions are unbiased and my own.To read more about my PR/Advertising click HERE

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  1. I HATE Going to the hairdressers I haven't found one I think I feel completely comfortable in!! I need to though because it puts me off going! Xx


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