Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Bare with...Bare with

Hey there,

If you follow me on twitter or you regularly read this blog, you will know that I'm currently having some computer problems... as in I don't really have one. My six year old laptop decided to not power itself anymore... I think it's a cable/connection issue.

Anyway, it means I'm currently laptopless and that the only ways I can blog are using my iPad, which is ok but you can't schedule posts OR I use the "family desktop" which is better BUT it means I have to find times when no-one else is using it.

This post has no reason to it really apart from all I'm asking in the works of Tilly from Miranda...

To be honest, I just found this gif and wanted to use it. Anyone as much of a fan of Miranda as me (let's discuss the final episode in the comments...eh?)

I will attempt to keep blogging as much as I can but if I'm a bit quiet you now know.

Lots of Love,

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