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2015 Resolutions and Goals

Hey there,

So it's officially 2015, this is crazy that it has arrived. I definitely feel like it's snuck up on me this time. Like most bloggers and vloggers, I have been thinking about my resolutions for this year. Last year, I filmed my resolutions and I really wanted to do this again, however I have been struck down with a cold and I have learnt from experience that me with a cold make the most rambley strange videos so I've decided to write them down this year.

1. Fall back in love with my blog/blogging... I haven't said anything publicly about this but in 2014, I started to hate blogging. I hated writing and found it really hard to put posts up that I enjoyed writing and that people would enjoy reading. It really dawned on me recently that this had happened when I did my annual look back over the year in posts and something just felt wrong.
This year I am going to get back to enjoying blogging. I'm not going to stress if I don't stick to my schedule, I am not going to worry about people not reading my blog, I am going to write for me and I hope you all join in on this new year of this blog.

2. Get myself a new laptop.... If you follow me on twitter (@tloatb90) you will know that I have been having laptop problems recently. My six year old laptop that has survived many problems, is currently down and out of action. I have ordered a new cable for it to see if that helps, however my goal this year is to buy a new laptop and I know which one I want. I want to join the Apple family and get a MacBook Pro, this would mean that I could actually film on my DSLR camera (which was half the reason I bought it) and edit and upload from a laptop instead of using my iPad for everything, which although not annoying, it does mean that I use my iPad a lot and use up all it's memory. 
As you might be aware, MacBooks are not cheap and although I have been slowly saving, I need a little more time before my dream will become a reality. This year I believe I can do it.

3. Catch up with Friends more..... In 2014, I didn't really socialise as much as I could have. I didn't attend many meet ups and at times I was quite reclusive (which for me can be dangerous). Through blogging I have made some great friends and met some wonderful people, people that for one reason or another I hadn't seen too much in 2014. This also goes for my university friends and older friends as well. This year I am going to get round to seeing people because I know that when I'm around my friends I'm a better and happier person.

4. Visit London more....This is a goal I give myself every year. I like to beat myself on how many trips to London I can take. 2014's total was 7, which means that I need to go at least 8 times, can I do it?

5. Do something for Charity... Last year, Beth from Beauty in Beta raised money for a charity close to heart by doing a sponsored swim. She inspired me to think about doing something for Charity. I have two charities in mind that I would like to do something for, but I need inspiration for how to raise the money.

6. Try new things... There are so many things that have been around for as long as I have been around but I've never tried. Nutella, Wagon Wheels and Wagamamas is all on my list. There are other non food related things on my list too.

7. Be more organised... In 2014 my head tended to be in a million places at once. I said to friends I would arrange a get together and then it wouldn't happy, I want to change that. PLUS I run three blogs (The Love of All Things Beauty, The Little Lipstick Blog and A Beginners Guide to Beauty.) and I have my YouTube channel too so I need to keep myself on the ball when it comes to keeping up with everything,

8.Be less stressed.... I'm a stresser, always have been. I'm very good at winding myself up into a frenzy over something that might not even happen. Over this Christmas Break, for some reason this side of me has been very strong and I haven't been myself properly for a few weeks. It's a cycle that I need to break myself out of. I'm a worrier and a stresser and I need to get some techniques in place for when I need to calm myself down.

9. Comment more... I don't know about you but I love receiving comments on blog posts and videos, it's like a warm fuzzy. So this year I am going to try my hardest to comment more. Any blog post I read and any video I watch will be getting a little comment from me.

10. Travel lots.... I spend far too much of time sitting on my behind. I have a railcard that gives me 1/3 off train tickets so this year I'm going to use it as much as I can. I want to visit St Albans because it's a beautiful place that has beautiful people (Bex, Shona, Beth...I'm looking at you). I want to take trips to Manchester, York, Liverpool, Cardiff to name just a few places. I'd love company on any of my trips so if anyone wants to be touristy with me..come along.
Plus in February I'm off to Paris....beyond excited for that!!

So there we are, my "resolutions" or goals for this year. What are yours?

Lots of Love,


  1. Hey Clare, I don't know if its worth mentioning (as I know some people hate taking credit out) but Apple's website are doing their annual 0% APR thing they do every year around Christmas (it might be finished now) that's how I got my MacBook last year - 10 months of £109 and it was mine :) xx

  2. Thanks for letting me know, but I want to pay for it all in one go then I don't have to worry about having any debt over me x

  3. You have some great resolutions for the year (:


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