Monday, 1 December 2014

Why do you wear make up?

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I was watching YouTube videos recently and during one of the videos (sorry I can't remember which) when the discussion turned to the fact that they didn't feel right without make up. This came a bit of a shock to become so dependant on make up that you don't feel right without it. I am currently sat typing with nothing on my face apart from a little bit of lip balm (London killed my lips) and I've been out barefaced today too and I didn't care.

So today I thought I'd ask. Why do you wear make up?

As I have mentioned before I was a late starter to the world of make up. I didn't really use any make up until I was about 14/15 years old when my mum took me into Boots to buy a foundation, blush and mascara. I hardly wore that make up and I definitely didn't wear it to school.

Zoom forward nearly 10 years to the present day when I have a rather large collection of products and I wear make up at least 5 times a week. On days that I'm working, I will wear foundation, powder, concealer and mascara and if I'm going out I'll go for a nice eye look and lipstick too. But why do I wear my make up if I hardly wore any when I first started my journey into make up?

Firstly I wear it to work to stop me looking so tired. Working with 5 year olds is tiring enough plus the late nights and early mornings means that I live with constant dark circles. A little bit of make up is helpful to hide my sins but it's not a necessity.

I guess what I'm saying is that I wear make up to hide things and emphasize other things but it's not something that I couldn't live with out. It's fun just to be creative with your make up and look at their pretty packaging.

Why do you wear make up?
Tell me in the comments.
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  1. I didn't start wearing makeup every day until I was about 30! I'm only 31 now. I've absolutely no idea why I started - probably to try and cover my redness!

  2. I was very late to all this make up stuff and even now at 34 years old I only wear make up about 3 times a week. I am at work now without any on at all and I have a chin covered in spots!
    I wear make up on the weekends mainly and I just love the process of putting on make up and deciding what to wear. It is fun but not something I feel the need to do everyday to hide my skin!

    Pams Stuff and Things

  3. Makeup is definitely about covering up my sins too! It gives me a boost of confidence I wouldn't have otherwise xx

  4. I just love wearing it! I like developing my makeup skills and experimenting with different styles, also, I like how I can emphasise some of my best assets and cover up things I'm less confident about!

  5. I find it mad that people actually wear make up nearly every day, I can't even imagine wearing all that make up for 5 days! It seems like so much. I never wear foundation and only use tinted moisturizer and a few other products. I wear a bit when I go out, I mostly just chuck glitter all over myself though haha. I like playing with make up and am starting to experiment withn more colours 'cos I do pretty standard make up. I don't actually think I have the confidence to go out with loads of make up on! xo


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