Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I'm Cushion Crazy

Hey there,

So today's post as you might have worked out isn't exactly beauty related but I thought today I would share with you something that I can easily say I enjoy buying as much as beauty things and make up. I am obsessed with cushions/pillows.

It started simple with the two large purple cushions, which I bought from Tesco about two years ago because I thought it'd look nice to match my bed with my walls, everything is either white or purple in my room. The next one to arrive is the beige long pillow with birds on it, which is hiding behind the pink owl. This one is also from Tesco and it was bought to go with the purple ones.

Then the craziness began. The next ones I found were the beige long pillow poking out from behind the blue owl, as well as the blue owl itself and the pink owl too. These are all Primark purchases and they stem from my love of all things with an owl print. I really love the tapestry look of the pink and blue owls and I really love that there is two of them living on my bed, they're like a cute little couple.

Finally we get onto my new additions. I recently had a bit of a spend on the ASDA home website and also in store, which if you watch my videos you would have seen  if not you can read it HERE. In this haul, I picked up six new pilliows. Starting at the top of the bed I bought two letter pillows, one C and one T, which make up my initials because who doesn't want their initials somewhere in their room. Moving down from there, I have two heart pillows because there was just something that appealed to me about them.
We also have two pillows, which both have Happy Ever After printed on them. Of course I needed two of those so I could have the whole sentence showing. I knew as soon as I saw them that I needed them in my life because I think it's safe to say that I'd love a happy ever after in life, plus there's something a little Disney like about them.

Anyone else out there as obsessed by cushions as me?

Lots of Love,



  1. i am also cushion crazy, should we start a support group?

  2. Those happy ever after cushions are amazing! And I too am cushion crazy!

    Hannah (Granite City Girl) x

  3. I must have a look in Primark next time I'm in there. I've heard nothing but good things about their homeware, apparently their bedding is fab too :)
    Kirsty x



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