Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows?

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I don't know if you know this about me but I'm a bit of a MAC lover. I have rather a few of their lipsticks plus anyone who has ever watched a make up video on my YouTube Channel , you will know my love for MAC Studio Fix Powder. 

The other large collection of MAC things I have is MAC Eyeshadows. All in all, I have 6 palettes, five 15 space palette and a quad palette to boot.

The complete palettes I have are two custom made palettes (Top Centre left and right) which have neutral shades in one and colours in the other, two premade palettes, which are the MAC Warm Neutral and Cool Neutral palettes and I have my little quad of 4 dark shades.

Finally we have the unfinished palette. As you can see this has the most random collection of shades but I have six spaces to fill and it is beginning to bug me there is gap so here is where you all come in. What are your favourite MAC eyeshadow shades. I am willing to try out anything once so let me know down below your favourite MAC shades and I'll make a list to check out next time I'm in a MAC store.

I'm interested to find out your favourites.
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