Monday, 24 November 2014

Review: Florance Anne Perfumes

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I don't know about you all but I have always been eyeing up Jo Malone Perfumes for most of my blogging life. Every time I visit a Selfridges I will have a sneaky spray but I haven't been brave enough to pass over my cash to the lovely counter ladies. 

Recently, whilst taking a walk around Boots as you do, I came across these perfumes.

Florence Anne Fragrance are a Boots range that has been created for Christmas this year and it has a collection of products, both for body and home in three scents, Grapefruit and Lime, Blackcurrant and Fig and Patchouli and Clove.

The three scents that have been picked means there is something for everyone. Blackcurrant and Fig is the fruity one of the bunch. This is the one that I picked up first because my perfume choices normally are one the fruity side. I'm terrible describing perfumes/smells but I have to say that I think that this perfume hits just on the line of mature fruity which is perfect for going out and not smelling like you've rolled in a fruit bowl.

After enjoying the Blackcurrant and Fig scent, I decided to hunt down the other two scents for a good whiff and I picked up both. Grapefruit and Lime is the citrus pick of the bunch and it is the one that I will probably be saving for when the weather begins to warm up a bit. Like with the Blackcurrant and Fig one, this perfume smells like it sounds but is at the same not overpowering. 

Patchouli and Clove was the scent that I when I read the name I was least excited about however since buying it, it has been the one I have been loving the most so far. The scent is like a warm winter hug, it's a little bit of an earth spicy smell and I have literally fallen in love with and I can't stop smelling it when I have it on.

Each scent is £10 and the bottle is 45ml, so I think you can all agree is a great deal. I think these will be perfect for Christmas presents for any perfume lover. I am guessing that this a Christmas special so I might need to stock up on them before they disappear from the shelves.

Have you tried these perfumes?
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  1. OOh these are lovely looking bottles, not too sure about the scents, though I would happily give them a try x


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