Friday, 31 October 2014

Fashion Friday:What I'd wear for Halloween

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So today is October 31st, which means it's Halloween. I think I've said this before but I don't like Halloween. I think this is because my parent's have never done anything for it and that stems back further to their parents, who disliked the festival too according to my dad.

However for today's post I thought I'd share a couple of fancy dress options I'd possibly wear if I was to join in with the festivities so to speak. 

One quick thing....Why do all womens costumes have to be sexy? As "research" I typed Halloween costumes into google and I was greated by so many costumes that had tiny skirts and boobs out. Why? I don't get why a festival that came from All Hallows Eve and was originally a time to think about people who had passed. So how did that turn into a day/evening where girls wear next to nothing... rant over.

Anyway, after many decisions I think I've got my choices down to two picks. The first one is to dress as a 1950s girl/lady. Complete with red lips and luscious curls in my hair, I wouldn't have to buy a costume because I have quite a collection of 50s style dresses because I love the style of them plus I also have a petticoat in my wardrobe to really make the skirt look full.

My second choice would be....

Elphaba from the musical Wicked. I am a big fan of the musical, I have seen it live twice and I have the soundtrack on repeat most time I'm writing blog posts and I think I'd love to have a go at the make up for an event such as Halloween (so much so I nearly did a Elphaba look on my YouTube Channel this year). The costume would be a little tricky but let's be honest it's the make up here that is the important thing.

What are you planning to be tonight for Halloween? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Oooh Elphaba is such a great idea! I also hate the expectation for women to dress sexy. Some of the costumes are ridiculour "sexy olaf" what why?! I have two halloween parties, one of them I'm painting my face as a skull, and the other I'm going as Violet from the Incredibles! I like easy and cheap costumes that I can put together from things I already have at home :D xo
    amber love

    1. Haha, how can Sexy Olaf be a thing? Easy and Cheap costumes will always be the best xx

  2. Unfortunately most "choices" for women seem to be about wearing few clothes.... Such is the world we live in.


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