Friday, 10 October 2014

Fashion Friday: My Cath Kidston Collection

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There are some brands out there that you can become totally obsessed with. Whether it be because they are cheap (Primark) or because they make you feel beautiful (MAC or Charlotte Tilbury) but there is also the brand that I just love just because everything that comes out of the brand is beautiful and so timeless and that brand is Cath Kidston.

Cath Kidston has been in my concious for many years. When I was about 16-17 years old and I was finally trying to find my personal style along with friends we discovered Cath Kidston. The girly floral style made me happy and cheery but I knew I couldn't afford the prices at that age. So I started to stick to the floral style amongst other pieces but I did it in a cheaper way.

Zoom forward a few years to around 18-19 years old when I caught up during a Christmas break with a good friend, Natalie (who is the queen of Cath Kidston in my eyes) and she introduced me again through seeing certain things and patterns again and the lust to possess something from CK grew again.

It wasn't until about three years ago that I made my first purchase and it was a small step and a small item, but it introduced me to a brand that I love dearly. So today I thought I'd share my collection with you all, so I hope you enjoy.

Meet my garden about a month ago. I've never taken blog pictures outside but I thought that the floral style of Cath Kidston would work well in outside...thoughts?

Starting with the smallest thing in the collection, which was in fact my first purchase and that is the pink spotted card/pass holder. I have had this about 2 years now and it is my trusty 16-25 rail card holder. It has three clear windows which is perfect for showing your rail card and ticket without having to fight your purse...the best £6 I've ever spent.

Whilst we are looking at the front row, let's look at the toiletry section. Up first, the rose print (not sure of the actual print name) Cosmetic Roll. This is perfect for travel especially if you know you won't have much space in the bathroom. It is a mix of clear zipped compartments and little holders which you can pop out if you need it.

Completing the toiletry section for me is the two blue spot Washbag  and the 2 Fold Toiletry Bag. Can I say if you only ever get one thing from Cath Kidston make it one of the two fold toiletry bags. They are amazing for travel because there is enough space for a good deal of make up one side and all your skincare the other side. 
The washbag is a good size too, you can easily fit a full size shampoo bottle in it as well as a few other goodies.

Finally onto the bags at the back. I have one Day Bag and a Rucksack. I bought my Bird print day bag in the sale about a year and a half (?) ago in the sale and the pattern is no longer available. I can say though that it's a great size bag that holds everything that you will need for the day..thus it's name.
The backpack is one of the most recent items to be in my collection. It is perfect for holidays plus there is a padded pocket at the back of main area of the bag, which fits a full size iPad in it so you know that it's safe.

I love everything I own from Cath Kidston and I am always mooching over the website to pick up new pieces. It's an addiction but it's a very pretty one, don't you think?

What do you think of my collection?

Lots of Love,



  1. Cath Kidston designs are the cutest! I love going in their shops or browsing their website :) xx

  2. I love Cath Kidston! So jealous of your collection! I went into one of their stores for the first time last month and literally fell in love with everything. I'm really hoping my mum gets me one of their duvet covers for Christmas (wouldn't say no to one of their bags either!)


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