Friday, 24 October 2014

Fashion Friday: A Little Bit of Disney

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For today's fashion Friday post, I thought I'd share a recent outfit that I put together. It wasn't anything over the top fashionable but it kind of highlights my current personal style right now. Also excuse the photo, it's an iPhone special...not exactly professional but I don't have a camera man to help me.

My whole outfit here comes from one of two places and can in fact be split into two sections...Top half of this outfit comes from Primark and bottom half comes courtesy of New Look.

The top is something that was a treat from my mum recently because I was staring at it so much in store when I was wondering around with her about a week ago. The t-shirt is slightly cropped, which before I would have been scared of but I've recently been embracing by making my New Look Jeggings look more high waisted and then pairing it with a long floaty cardigan. In this case I paired it with this Primark cardigan, which I have been wearing non stop because it is really comfy (oversized) and warm too.

To top this look off, I wore a pair of ankle boots which are not photographed. So what do you think? 

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  1. I love this top! I have a similar one that is a jumper but it's so fluffy and the fluff gets everywhere!



    1. I love anything Disney so this top was perfect for me xx


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