Friday, 17 October 2014

Fashion Friday : How to keep motivated in the A/W

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Today isn't exactly a fashion post in the normal sense but it has a hint of clothing so I thought I'd go for the fashion name. You see today's post is how I keep motivated to carry on exercising even when it is cold and wet outside.

My answer is easy... find a beautiful pair of trainers. I have learnt since I have a pair of shoes that I enjoy wearing and that are beyond comfortable that I won't mind as much. For example, meet my favourite pair at the moment. They are Nike Free Run 5.0 trainers and they are beyond comfortable. Literally they feel like you aren't really wearing a pair of shoes, they are really light on the foot and they are very flexible in the sole which is perfect for doing Zumba in.

I now have a collection of three pairs of Nike shoes and they are all bright colours and are all really colourful. So my suggestion is if you want to work out, treat yourself to a pretty pair of trainers and they will make you want to wear them out and about whilst exercise.

I think my next pair of trainers will have to be a purple colour (because purple is my favourite colour) or a black pair because then if I'm feeling lazy I can wear them out with a pair of jeans and a hoody.

What are your tips for keeping motivated in the colder months?

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  1. There isn't any better motivation for working out than brand new, bright training gear. Works a treat and the Nike Frees are so comfortable! I totally agree with you about them feeling so light.



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