Monday, 13 October 2014

Dear teenage me...a Beauty Chat.

Hello there, 

So today I thought I'd do something a little different to a Monday review because the one thing I want to review I'm still on the fence about and I don't want to rush it. Instead I thought I'd go for a slightly different post and write a little letter to my teenage self about all things make up/beauty related.

Dear Young Clare,

You are probably around 11-12 and mum has just taken you to Boots to get your first foundation and blush from Almay after she got fed up of you going in her make up drawer for a mooch. Let's be honest, you don't know what you need to do with these products and you won't properly for another few years. 

Don't fret though my little friend because your skin is still spot free and will remain this way for a little while longer. Embrace these times because even as I talk to you now there are a few spots around and I can't see them disappearing properly for a few more years, they aren't painful, just annoying and with a good foundation and a few skills they will be less visible.

While we're on the subject of make up skills, my friend, don't worry that your skills aren't as good as some of your friends, you will slowly learn how to do certain things and YouTube will be a great source of knowledge and tips. Oh and that theory that you will get better at eyeliner as you grow older, nope that theory hasn't come true yet, your fear of putting an eyeliner too near your eye is still there but you will learn about brilliant mascaras which will mean that your eyes don't need any lining so yay for that.

Now onto the actual tips, first of all let's talk about foundation. You are a pale faced girl, embrace that fact. Yes it will be tricky to find foundations light enough (in fact sometimes it still is) but you don't want to have that slightly orange line around your neck's not attractive. 
Also whilst we are on the pale subject, don't spend too much time in the sun with low SPF in the hope of turning as brown as some of your school friends and the popular girls... I'll let you into a secret, you will never get to that stage, our skin isn't programmed that way. It'll just burn, be very painful and will then turn as pale as before.

Next tip, hair straightening...for some reason, your friends will become really interested in attempting to straighten your hair. Do it once or twice but don't get too attached to the look please. I've been looking back at pictures recently and there are a few shockers. Your hair is naturally curly, wild and slightly untameable...keep it that way.

In a few years time when you're just heading to sixth form/university and you are starting to really get into make up, embrace the love you have for that small handful of lipsticks and the one bottle of foundation that you own. This will turn into a slight obsession in a few years but it is an obsession and addiction that you will be very proud about.

So my little friend, I think this is enough for now... I could go on for a while but I don't want to bore you. Instead I will be back with some life tips very soon, for now... enjoy your teenage years they feel stressful but they're a lot easier than "adult life" is now.

Lots of Love,



  1. I love this post! I think most girls will relate haha.

    Sarah x

  2. I love this type of posts. It really makes you think back of your teenage years with all the insecurities yet the stubborness not to listen to anyone thinking that we knew it all! x

  3. Aww I love this! I wore a bit of mascara eyeliner at 16/17 but didn't really wear a full face until I was at uni!


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