Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Bit of Lace and Bodycon OOTD

Hey there,

The one thing I love about having a YouTube channel is the fact I can show off OOTDs a lot easier that if I was to take pictures of myself. I'm not the best poser plus as I have mentioned before I have never told anyone in my family that I blog or that I have a YouTube channel so I think that they would wonder what I was doing if I went to them with my camera and said take pictures of me in the clothes that I'm wearing they would think me weird...well more than normal.

So the fact that I can position my iPad on my window sill and do a pose, a twirl and chat you through what I'm wearing makes me very happy. So in today's post, I am sharing with you one of my recent OOTD videos from my YouTube Channel.


Everything I wore were old discoveries in my wardrobe when I had a little sort through and I'm so happy with how the outfit turned out.
What do you think of this outfit?

Lots of Love,


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