Monday, 29 September 2014

Naked Basics...the Sequel

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So today we're going to talk about one of my favourite eyeshadow makers, Urban Decay. If you didn't already know there is a new Naked Basics palette on the block by the name of Naked Basics 2. I was able to collect this gorgeous palette from Cohorted recently which means that I got it at a slightly cheaper price as well.

So today I thought I'd do a little a look at both the Naked Basics and the Naked Basics 2 and you can decide which palette is for you. I know there have been a million and one reviews on this palette recently but I hope you don't mind review number one million and two.

Top- Naked Basics Palette
Bottom - Naked Basics 2 Palette
Looking at both of them together you can see that they are different. Both palettes come with six shades, both have a mix of 5 matte shades and one shimmer shade and they are both perform the same way on the eye lid. However that's really where the similarities end.

Let's look at the swatches..shall we?

Naked Basics
Naked Basics 2

As you can see the shades in the Basics 2 palette has slightly cooler toned shadows but I actually prefer the shades in it to the original. In the original Basics palette the first three shades aren't very visible on my skin whereas the Naked Basics 2 as you can see has all shades visible even the highlight shade Shrimp which is furthest on the left.

I find the original Basics palette to have a little bit of fallout as my swatches show, something I don't have with my Basics 2 palette. I don't know whether I have a bad batch of Naked Basics palettes but it's something I feel I need to mention.

If I had my time again and I'd known that there would be the Naked Basics 2, I wouldn't have bought the original Naked Basics and my opinion is that if you don't have either and you're thinking of treating yourself... go for the Naked Basics 2 palette, you won't regret it.

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  1. I have to say I'm one of the people who can't appreciate the differences. Only the shade "stark" stands out for me as being different enough to its original counterpart to really make a difference :-/

  2. I have the original Naked Basics and I don't think I will bother getting the new version, as there just isn't a whole lot of difference here for me. This does remind me that I need to start using that palette more often x

    Beauty with charm

  3. Lovely photos :) I ordered it last night, yay!

    Laura | Laurzrah xx


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