Wednesday, 17 September 2014

It's Time for a Spending Ban

Hi there,

I know I've said I'm going on a spending ban before and then given up after a week or so however this time it's different!

Due to some unforeseen spending this month, my bank balance dipped into the red, it's something that hasn't happened since first year of university when I got too excited about having a student loan and spent a little too much but back then, I was young and silly.

I'm now 24 and I should know better, granted it wasn't any shopping that snuck me into the minus but it's still something I should think about doing less. So I'm setting a challenge for myself and I'm determined to do it this time as the thought of  even being in my overdraft makes me feel anxious and a little sick and I just don't need the added stress on top of other things in my life.

So here are my rules/promises:

1. I will not buy anything beauty related on a whim whilst out with friends or whilst shopping alone.

2. I will not buy any clothes. I sorted my wardrobe out recently and the amount of clothes I have is CRAZY.. Why do I need new ones?

3. I will finally sort out a blog sale, I have a few things that I never use so I might as well send it to a good home and also make a little extra money at the same time.

4. I will buy any train tickets or petrol that I need to get for work or any trips I've already planned.

5. I will resist the urge to "internet window shop" as everytime I create a basket of goodies I'm always tempted to press buy!

My plan is to make it last for the rest of September and the whole of October and I'm planning to keep you updated on my progress during the ban.
What do you think? Any tips for me?

Lots of Love,



  1. I've put myself on a spending ban as well, but I'm going to Manchester next weekend so it's probably going to fall through the floor. If I'm on the verge of buying something I'll ask myself constantly, "Do I really NEED this?" Or I just take my mum with me and she guilt trips me into not buying anything the minute I pick something up!

  2. Good luck lovely (: I've done a few spending bans & to help me through it I told myself that if I saved up a decent amount of money, I was allowed to treat myself to one luxury item. I also raided my mums makeup to try something new instead of shopping (: xx


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