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Guest Post: Speckled Beauty's Lipstick Picks

I want to start by saying a huge thanks to Clare for letting me write this guest post! Her blog is so lovely and it's exciting for me to be featured on it. I'm Emma from Speckled Beauty, a beauty and lifestyle blog. Today I'm going to talk you through my current lipstick picks. I'm a huge lipstick junkie and have maybe 150 lipsticks so you can imagine how hard it was for me to narrow it down to just four.

MAC Rebel is one of my all time favourite lipsticks and it's not hard to see why it's such a cult favourite in the blogging community. Although it looks like a dark purple in the tube it applies as a beautiful deep berry fuschia. The formula is a satin so it's very creamy and pigmented but not drying and the wear time is around 4-5 hours. If I had to pick just one MAC lipstick from my collection, it would be this shade. It's the most unique shade I've come across and looks amazing on everybody.

Lime Crime Centrifuschia is also another favourite of mine. It is a fuschia with a highly pigmented, cream finish. The holographic unicorn packaging is amazing and it smells like vanilla which makes me love this shade even more. Although Lime Crime has some real out there lipsticks shades, this is one of the more wearable one's and is one I'd recommend to everybody. It feels more expensive than it actually is.

Estee Lauder Crystal Baby was my first ever high end lipstick purchase so it will always hold a special place in my collection. I feel like this is the only peachy nude shade that will ever suit me. I always wear this if I want a nude lip because it's not too nude and doesn't wash you out and it just goes with every make up look I've ever done. I pretty much wear this shade every day because it's such an easy to wear, gorgeous colour. Again the formula is amazing. I remember trying it and thinking "huh, so this is what high end lipsticks feel like, why haven't I tried them sooner?".

Because my other three lipstick choices have been high end, here's one from the drugstore: Maybelline Hollywood Red. This shade is quite hard to describe but my best would be that it's a muted rosy red. This lipstick is so unique and I have not yet found one similar! It's also very creamy and pigmented and the formula feels much more expensive than it actually is. This shade is a US one so if you are from the UK, you can buy it on ebay for around £7.

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Thank you Emma for guest posting for me whilst I finish up my holidays. If you would like to guest post on The Love of All Things Beauty drop me an contact details are on the contact page. Clare xx

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  1. This post has confirmed that I need MAC Rebel in my collection :) Loving all of the other lipsticks too :)

    Style Sunrise☀



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