Friday, 26 September 2014

Fashion Friday: Plus North 2014

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Nearly a month ago now I attended Plus North 2014 in Leeds at the Baracoa Luxe Bar. It is one of the biggest Plus Size fashion events in the UK (that I know about..correct me if I'm wrong someone). I had heard of it previous to attending but I was too nervous to go but this year I plucked up the courage and went for it. I booked my tickets for the two day event, my hotel room and train tickets and took myself off to Leeds.

My trip started with a nice two hour train journey up to Leeds, a place I had never visited before to meet a large group of people I had never met before, let's just say I was nervous as hell. I shouldn't have been because when I got into Leeds I went straight to my hotel and found Becky's room and she gave me a BN biscuit and I felt a little better.

So on the Saturday at the venue it was all about the fashion shows. The organisers had worked together with a collection of brands to produce amazing catwalk shows, most of which I vlogged and you can see them in the above vlog.
One of the ones that I didn't get to vlog was the Simply Be show and that was because I was in it!! I am so grateful to the lovely organisers (Emma, Kim, Toni and Gemma) for picking me because it was one of the most fun, if not terrifying experiences of my life. Here's the evidence...

Many thanks to Georgina from She Might Be Loved for letting me use these pictures. Go and check out her blog, she is gorgeous and her hair gives me a lot of hair envy. 
The rest of Saturday was filled with an evening after-party including a quiz and a little bit of a dance.

After an interesting night's sleep, I was up and ready for a stroll around Leeds city centre, which I definitely want to return to, Leeds have a lovely shopping centre and a KIKO!!
After my stroll it was back to the PN venue for a clothes swap and a relaxed afternoon before I hopped back on the train, not to go home but instead to join the rest of my family on holiday in Northumberland.

I'm definitely going to go back next year to Plus North, I really enjoyed myself this year.

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  1. This post is lovely! Everyone looks stunning! X


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