Monday, 15 September 2014

A Month of MAC Lipsticks...the recap

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So last month I did something on my Lipstick blog that I was really proud of. I completed a month long series and I didn't miss a day!!! Are you as shocked as I was?

August was the month that I did a month of MAC lipsticks when I shared a lipstick out of my collection everyday for a month... that's right 31 lipsticks in all. So today I thought I'd do a little recap of all the lipsticks so if you wanted to go check out a specific lipstick then you could quickly get to it by clicking it's link. 

DAY 2: MAC Rebel
DAY 3: MAC Fanfare
DAY 14: MAC Shy Girl
DAY 15: MAC RiRi Woo
DAY 16: MAC Hue
DAY 17: MAC Syrup
DAY 18: MAC Craving
DAY 20: MAC Blankety
DAY 22: MAC Heroine
DAY 29: MAC Snob
DAY 30: MAC Violetta

Ta-dah!! All 31 lipsticks in one easy post. What is your favourite MAC Lipstick Shade? Is it one of these or is it a different one? Let me know in the comments down below.

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