Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Little Update... Post Schedule

Hey there,

So I thought I'd just catch you all up on my post schedule. My plan is to post 6 times a week for the short foreseeable future.


So here is my plan:

MONDAY: Every Monday shall be a beauty review. Whether it be foundation, blush, skincare item, there will definitely be a review to start your week off well.

TUESDAY: Tuesday I shall be sharing my video from the weekend and/or writing more of a lifestyle related post.

WEDNESDAY: Depending on what's going on in the week, Wednesday's post will be either beauty related (i.e FOTD, NOTD, a look at a certain brand in detail etc) or life related. This might be because I have something to get off my chest or I'm having a boring make up week (we all have them).

THURSDAY: This will be another video sharing day. I hope you don't mind these posts but I'm just sharing my videos with people who might not be subscribed (if that is you why not subscribe...cheeky plug) but you might like a watch every so often.

FRIDAY: After seeing the responses to my survey (which is still open if you fancy letting me know what you think of my blog..click HERE) I have decided to make every Friday a Fashion Friday. 

SUNDAY: Sunday I am currently doing a Spending Ban Sunday update every Sunday. This lets you know what's going on but it also helps me to keep on track and stops me from spending.

I will also have YouTube videos every Wednesday and Saturday and I will always promote everything on Twitter (@tloatb90) so make sure you are following me on twitter. 

Lots of Love,


  1. This is a really good schedule with lots of variety! Well done to you for posting so much weekly! After seeing this I realised I need to get myself more organised when it comes to blogging x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Mmm, nice schedule. I try and do a lifestyle kind of post on Wednesday and then don't post on weekends :)

    Laura | Laurzrah xx


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