Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Urban Decay Naked Family

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There are many brands that I had hardly heard of before I started blogging just over two years ago. I was very much a Boots high street kind of girl. I knew nothing of MAC and other big brands which now have a place in my beauty obsessed heart.

A big brand that I had no knowledge of was Urban Decay, if someone had mentioned the words "Naked Palette" to me who knows what I would have thought. Now just over two years later, I thought I'd share with you all my little Urban Decay Eyeshadow Family.

Yep, I'm a little obsessed by being Naked (on my eyes..get your minds out of the gutter). 

I first began by buying the original Naked Palette. I bought it from a blog sale and I think thats where the love affair started. The colours are so easy to blend and are a good mix of the matte and my favourites the shimmy shades. The original Naked Palette is full of warm golds, browns and loveliness perfect for the warm months.

Naked 2 is my most recent Naked purchase. Again this one came from a blog sale and out of the three I have used it the least. I can see myself using this palette a bit more in the cooler nights of Autumn and Winter as the Naked 2 palette has more cool toned eyeshadows than the original.

Naked 3 is a palette I kept telling myself I didn't need before it was released but sure enough as soon as it was available to buy, I was handing over my card and buying this baby. It is completely different to the first two as it is full of rosy pink shades.

Finally the baby of the group, the Naked Basics. I wrote a post all about this last week so I shall link it HERE for you all to go and check out. The Naked Basics Palette is the travel size Naked palette. It will definitely be my go to travel palette for a while.

Is this the best beauty family in the world? What do you think?
Tell me in the comments.

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  1. I love all 4 of these palettes, the only eye shadows i ever use :)

  2. What a collection! I must be the only beauty blogger that doesn't own a NAKED palette, I tried the NAKED 2 but I sold it on as I just don't use eyeshadows that much. I do love to admire the shimmery beautifulness when I visit the Urban Decay counter though.


  3. I love the Urban Decay palettes, Naked 3 is definitely my favourite :)


  4. I really think I need to invest in one of these! I don't own one single NAKED palette, I was going to buy the Naked 3 but I kept holding back!


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