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Birmingham Lancôme Event 07.08.14

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I was recently invited to a little get together at Lancôme in Selfridges Birmingham to be shown the new mascara, Grandiose, a few products which are signature to Lancome, as well as sharing a very simple make up look, which was beautiful on the blogger model in question, Amy from A Little Boat Sailing.

All the products applied to Amy's face

Left Eye-No Mascara
Right Eye- One coat of Lancome Grandiose

As you can see from Amy's face the mascara was the star of the show. The new mascara, called Grandiose, has got a swan neck wand which amongst other things means that you can use the same hand to apply mascara to both eyes, without the worry of getting a black smudge mark down your nose.

As you can see the lashes are left looking longer, fuller and just beautiful. I'm definitely going to be picking it up once I've got rid of a couple of mascaras. 
Also whilst we're here can we just mention the bottle. We all said at the event how slightly Disney, it looked with the floating Rose in the lid. If there had to be a prize for the greatest packaging of a mascara I think this would have to win.

Lydia (the lovely lady from Lancome in Selfridges) also did a facial on Amy's face including using a small amount of a face cream which was over £200!! It smelt amazing and felt luxurious but I could never think of spending that much on one product.

I'd like to thank Vanessa for inviting me and Lydia from Lancome for showing us all things Lancome and making me want to spend a lot of money on their great products.

 Just to let you know if you are a midlands blogger you might be interested in the Beauty evening on 4th September in Selfridges. Tickets are £10 and are refundable on a purchase you make on the night. I've bought mine and I'd love to see more bloggers there on the night.

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