Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WEDDING WEEK: Wedding Nails

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Another wedding based post for you today, today is the turn of the nails. Like with the make up, the bride wanted us to do our own nails. We all brought something with us and we ended up doing them the night before the wedding at around 11pm after we had all washed our hair and had pizza.

I love doing nails but for the most time I don't bother doing them because of the job I do so it was lovely to sit down with a great bunch of girls, chatting about random things, boys and listening to Arcade Fire who were playing at Glastonbury that night.

I took three nail polishes with me as possible suggestions, as well as a couple of nail files,a model's own four way nail file and a hand cream or two.

The three nail polishes I took with me were all from Essie and they were (from left to right) Ballet Slippers, Sugar Daddy and Not Just a Pretty Face. All three are neutral pinks, which were perfect for simple and classic nails to go with the dress.
After a lot of deliberation we went for Not Just a Pretty Face, which is a peachy pink colour which after two coats becomes opaque. As I am terrible describing colours I thought it would be best to add in a picture here.


Its a barely there shade but it is very pretty. The bride went for a professional manicure the day before the wedding so she had different nails to us. 

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  1. These are such pretty shades! I'm thinking of nude nails with glitter tips for my wedding day, but something like these colours for the bridesmaids xx


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