Friday, 18 July 2014

WEDDING WEEK: Things I learnt from the experience

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When I was a bridesmaid on 28th June, it was the first time I had been that heavily involved in a wedding and because of that I actually learnt a few things and today I thought I'd share what I learnt with you all.

I'm blowing bubbles at the recption

So up first, I never realised how much behind the scenes prep there was before a wedding. I guess this is an obvious thing once you think about it but as I had only ever just turned up to a wedding as a guest, I don't think I'd properly thought about it. We were at the church all day the day before the wedding, building things and cutting ribbon for the drapes on the ceiling and then on the day the bridesmaids all helped set up the tables for the evening meal and dancing too. It was all worth it to see the bride's face at the end though.

Second up, Make Up and hair. With so many pictures being taken on the day, everything had to look good. Obvious things like no or low SPF in your foundation to make sure you don't get the ghost face look in the pictures and making sure your foundation was long lasting are things that I don't need to say probably.  
When it comes to hair and make up, sites like Pinterest and other blogs come in very handy as they all give inspiration. For example, all the bridesmaid had hair based on Rachel McAdams in The Notebook and we showed a picture to the hairdressers and they came up with something perfect. I took ideas for the make up look from people's blogs and just from simple looks I've done on myself and I think the final look worked well.

The big thing I learnt is how useful MAC Pro Longwear concealer is. I use it often under my eyes as a concealer. However on the big day, I used it to cover up a major sunburn that one of the other bridesmaids had. It worked really well.

Lastly, the walk down the aisle. As one of 5 bridesmaids we made up the procession down the aisle before the bride made her big entrance. I have never been so nervous in my life and I wasn't expecting that. Having to remember to do left, together, right, together in time with another bridesmaid with a large group of people watching was very nerve racking. I even lost sleep the night before worrying that I'd fall over or embarrass myself or the bride. I shouldn't have because everything went well. I guess my advice would be to smile and breathe through it.

My experience as a bridesmaid was a good one and I am so grateful and blessed to have been a part of one of the most important days of my friend Natalie's life. I hope you have enjoyed this wedding week. 

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