Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Body Shop Haul

Hey there,

I don't know about you but sometimes you need a good haul, I actually filmed this haul a good month or two ago but for some reason I never put it up until now.

The Body Shop is a store that I had never really visited or bought from because I didn't really know what was good from the brand and what was not. So after a lot of research, both through watching youtube videos and also by asking people on twitter for their recommendations, I placed a little order.


I think I've definitely got the Body Shop bug now so I'm on the look out for more suggestions. Leave me a comment down below if you have any ideas of what I need to try next.

Lots of Love,

1 comment

  1. That looks like an amazing haul! I love the look of the raspberry exfoliator and I've been tempted to try the tea tree range for a while.

    Jade Rebecca x


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