Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My DIY Project...My Dressing Table/Desk

Hey there,

I'm going to put it out there, I'm not the DIY/fix up yourself type of girl. In fact, I'm one of those type of people that won't do something in case I break a nail.

However, about three months ago when I announced that I wanted to change around my room, getting rid of things and introducing a new desk/dressing table to the mix, I was told by my dad that he wasn't going to do it alone and that I had to tidy, sort, move and help build the desk. 

To make it more amusing to myself I decided to vlog the whole experience.

Excuse the messy desk, it's not completely ready for it's close up...give me time and I'll be ready to share. 
It has been a while since I vlogged but it's something that I enjoy looking at later on. Plus it means that instead of a long post with lots of pictures you get a nice short 6 minute video to watch. If you want to check it out I shall leave the link HERE for you to click on.

Lots of Love,


1 comment

  1. I'm in the processes of sorting mine atm.
    Heading over to the video now :)


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