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MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

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If you were to ask me if I could only keep one product from MAC, I bet you would be surprised to know it isn't a lipstick. I know shock horror, as much as I love my MAC lipstick collection there are other brands out there that do just as good lipsticks.

However there is one thing from MAC that has been my trusty friend since I bought it about a year ago.....

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Meet my well loved Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I bet you are wondering why I love this and I'd pick this above all things MAC.

Well, it is a two pronged attack product, in that it can do two things. It can be a light coverage, very natural looking foundation. If I know I don't have much to do out but I want something to cover the scary redness or just general poopy faceness (thats the technical term) then I will apply a layer of this product.

OR if you are like me and love a decent coverage foundation, you might like this product as a powder. I like to put on my foundation as normal then with a fluffy powder brush I apply this Studio Fix powder all over the face as a setting powder style product.

This powder does not leave my face looking at all cakey, it does leaves a more matte finish to the skin, which is something I quite like. Another thing I like is the shade selection, as you might know because I like to say it a lot, I'm a pale face and I can find a powder light enough. My powder is NW15, however there is an NW10 powder too (this didn't exist when I first bought mine... can anyone say future haul?).

The price of this product is £21.50, which does sound a bit pricey however I have had mine nearly a year now and it only has the slightest dent in it. When you consider that if you have a £4 rimmel powder, it will last you about 2 months at most so you will end up spending £16 in that same amount of time, plus I feel like this lasts longer on the skin than a high street powder.

Overall, I can't fault this product, which is why I'd put it as one of my top MAC products. Have you tried this product? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. It has lasted so long! That's good :) I want to try their blotting powder

    Laura | Laurzrah xx


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