Thursday, 31 July 2014

Its Brain Fart Time

Hey there,

This post is one that hasn't really been thought out and it is coming straight from my head. As I write this post it is 8.06am and I have been awake already for an hour just sitting watching YouTube videos like you do.

Last night at around 1am when I couldn't sleep I starting thinking about bloggy things and something popped into my head. Enter the so called brain fart... As my blog is called The Love of All Things Beauty, are people annoyed when I put my OOTD videos and any clothes hauls I have on this blog.

I know fashion, especially Plus Size fashion isn't everyone's cup of tea and as my blog name has beauty in the name ...Would you prefer that I moved any fashiony things onto a new blog or do you prefer having everything in the same place even if the blog is mostly beauty and make up?

Brain fart over..please let me know what you think. 

Lots of Love,

P.S I probably won't keep this post up for too long. Thanks for reading.


  1. It honestly doesn't bother me, I definitely don't feel deceived. Although you may be primarily a beauty blogger in other people's eyes, I'm sure people are aware you may have other things you'll want to blog about sometimes. Remember you're blogging for you, make sure you do what's best/more convenient in your eyes.

    S xo.

  2. I don't think there's anything wrong with including OOTD posts on your blog just because of the name. Just because it's a beauty blog doesn't mean there'll be EXCLUSIVELY beauty posts, just primarily. Besides, it's always nice to break things up a bit.

  3. I think it's good that it's on the same blog! I love your fashion posts!!

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  5. I'm all for one-stop shopping so I think you should just keep everything together. I've seen numerous Vloggers whom also blog and they have three different .coms to accommodate their passions. While I'm not saying that's a terribly bad thing... when you do more Make-Up than Hair or OOTD, only one domain is being updated and the other two are just sitting there for weeks/months at a time. Blogging platforms (Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal) have "Categories" options built into them, it would be easy for anyone to just sort through your site if they're looking for something specific.

    So far, I've enjoyed all of your posts. And I do believe that's based on the fact that they aren't all the same. Blogs that are too repetitive tend to get boring, spicing it up by alternating between different themes/topics keep visitors interested.

    1. My apologies for the double post (deleted), the site kicked back an error upon submission.

  6. I think it's great to have things all in one place. It's nice to have a bit of variety and, after all, fashion and beauty aren't worlds apart, it's not like you're blogging about beauty and something crazy like cars all on one blog!

    Jade Rebecca x


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